I don’t want to take sides with political parties. I prefer to do social work and be involved with NGOs. It’s more direct and rewarding


A democracy like India is a model for the whole world. Our traditions of embracing multiple cultures have lasted the vagaries of time. Democracy is the answer to all follies that may plague the system because it gives us the best weapon to fight them — the power to elect.


After having done three decades of work in Indian advertising, we still haven’t scratched the surface of the real essence of India. For this, you have to be rooted or you’ll miss the point.


“I have nothing to do with the way I look. I look the way I do because my parents looked beautiful.”

Madhuri dixit NeNe

“Democracy for me is summed up in Rabindranath Tagore's poem - Where the mind is without fear. It is more than a word - it is a loaded word. It is only when the people of a country truly have the power to affect change that democracy is healthy.”

kiran bedi

“Life is for creative living! As long as there is life, remain worthwhile and remain creative... Recharge your inner batteries as you recharge your mobiles...”