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Oh! Summer Wine

Shakespeare’s favorite month would seem to be April even though the poet T.S. Eliot called April the cruelest month. It seemed to be true this Hot April, with temperatures soaring beyond 45 in the plains of northern India. Global temperatures also shot up with America dropping the Mother of all bombs on Afghanistan. But maybe May holds out some hope.

We bring you a narrative of hope for thousands of children whose futures are being rewritten under the Reliance Foundation’s Education for All project. And this ambitious dream is being scripted by none other than the Lady of India’s richest corporate house – Nita Ambani. The woman sure plays fairy godmother with aplomb. It's people like her who need to step up more where governments are failing to provide basic needs.

In our Platform section, we weigh in on the portions of a food quota proposed by a minister who feels that the consumer needs to know how much he is paying for what exactly. But will it finally get plated needs to be seen

The sublime game of cricket where men in whites used to languidly play for days is getting a little aggressive with the stakes getting higher. With games getting shorter and more competitive, cricket is no longer a gentleman's game nor are cricketers. The aggression is clearly on show on the field

In the world of technology, children are getting addicted to devices. No wonder the Apple man Steve Jobs never let his kids use the ‘poisoned’ Apple iPad. Interesting, isn't it?

In the Arts section, we take you on a Song of the Road with the master storyteller and film maestro Satyajit Ray to mark his 25th death anniversary. The recent burst of feminist films and Bollywood's confusing stereotypes brings up the Cinema section.

Then, of course, the usual back of the magazine fun with travel across Eastern Europe, a Wedding Special and some unusual stories of women from the badlands of Uttar Pradesh. Keep reading DW and stay cool. Cheers!

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